Wedding Testimonials


“Darlene provides outstanding results! She offers expert advice, creative touch and exquisite results for whatever you may be looking for. Her outgoing, fun and approachable personality makes your experience at her Salon a sad one to have to leave :( Darlene is extremely punctual, reliable and trustworthy - and is a must if you are looking for a one stop shop for all services! I would be happy to keep coming back and making Darlene my go to lady!”

-Gina H.

“I never got the chance to do a trial run with her before my wedding, but it didn't matter because she did a fabulous job! She far exceeded my expectations so I'd give her an A+. I've decided that I'm going to use her from now on for all of my regular hair appointments. As an added bonus, she specializes in all different kinds of hair extensions.”

-Ashley W.

“Darlene was my stylist for an outdoor wedding alongside the very windy St. Johns River! My hair was amazing all day and even throughout the next day! I planned my wedding from over 1,000 miles away, so choosing Darlene as the hair stylist for our wedding day was based on her extensive list of positive reviews. They all turned out to be true. She was very professional and thorough. I met Darlene for the first time the day of the wedding and was completely comfortable with her immediately. She was very friendly, positive, and arrived right on time! She got to work creating my style based off of a mash-up of images that evoked the look I was going for. She did a great job and everyone absolutely loved my hair! I just wish I lived closer so I could go to her for all of my hair needs!"

-Lindsey N.

“Darlene did an amazing job on my hair and my maid of honor's hair! She came out to the house which saved us so much time! She was on time (even a little early) and was very professional. The whole thing was very affordable as well. My hair stayed beautiful throughout the whole day, even on the beach. I absolutely loved the work she did!”

-Michelle K.

“I can't say enough good things about Darlene. Her work is awesome and her prices are very reasonable. She did my extensions at her salon, and then traveled to my wedding venue a couple days later to do my hair for the big day. She was prompt and did the hairstyle exactly as I described to her. Highly recommended!”

–Nicole F.

"I hired Darlene Smith from Mosaic Salon in Jacksonville to do the hair for my wedding which was held in St. Augustine.  I originally found her on Craigslist and, right from the start, you could tell how friendly she was just by the tone of her emails.  She answered all of my questions and was extremely helpful.  I knew I wanted to wear hair extensions for my big day because my real hair is very thin, and Darlene was the perfect person for the job because she specializes in all different types of extensions (and attends on-going training for it).  She had no problem making the drive down to St. Augustine, and her prices were very reasonable.  I was so pleased with her work that I now use her for all of my regular hair appointments.  I would recommend her to all brides! "

-A.E. Williams

"I actually booked Darlene with Ashley’s (a fellow knottie) recommendation. I loved what she did, not only for my hair, but also for my bridesmaids. She also waited for two hours for the groom’s family to be ready so she could do their hair – Darlene definitely get two thumbs up just for that."

-Christina L.

"I had a 10:30AM wedding and needed a hairstylist that could meet me anywhere (which ended up being a bathroom at my parents house). I found Darlene online and was completely satisfied with her style and service. She was on time, able to work in tight quarters (tiny bathroom), and most importantly...she really considered my likes and dislikes. After my hair trial, I was able to provide feedback and give additional input to perfect my wedding hair look. I was completely blown away on how well she adjusted my hair style to fit my preferences. My hair looked so good I decided to ditch my veil completely! I only marked a half star on value for cost since it was much more expensive than going to a salon, but it couldn't have been done without her! Highly recommend!"

-K. Kerley​






Client Testimonials

"Darlene was a life saver for hair. I was visiting from out of town and looking for someone who could wash n style african american hair. She took me last minute and was positive from the minute I walked in. She took me after hours and the entire time gave me excellent education about products and taking care of my hair. If I move to Utah, I will be going to her as my hair stylist!"

                                                                                                                                                                                -Dominique S.


“Darlene is a very personable hair stylist and beauty consultant that focuses on making her client completely satisfied with the service they received. She is very knowledgeable, diverse and continues to grow and develop by attending conferences, shows and workshops to strengthen her skills and learn new ones. I would recommend Darlene to anyone who is looking for a hair stylist or beauty consultant.” 

-Patrice A.​

“Darlene is very professional and has always done an outstanding job on my hair. Her hair always looks nice so you trust she will make your hair look just as nice.”

-Diane D.​​

"I actually discovered Darlene's work indirectly from reviews on the web. I was especially persuaded to give her a try after reading that her salon provided a nice, cozy, and private atmosphere which sounded very different from the usual; a nice thing to try.  I gave her a call and she was very patient and knowledgeable on the phone. Her conversation with me stood positively above the other calls that I had made. The reviews that I read were very accurate and I too can add that Darlene's salon is wonderful, Darlene's talent as a stylist is stellar!"

-A. Hyman​

“Darlene was my stylist while I lived in Jacksonville, and she always did a fantastic job. I really miss having her do my hair now that I've moved away.”

-Matt S.​

“Darlene ,I just want to say thank you. It is so refreshing to have a stylist that not only cares about the visual appearance of a hair style but also to care about the health of your client's hair which is ultra important. I am always telling my friends about how if there is a class about it Darlene has taken it. I love the way that you stay abreast of the new trends and processes. It's like you bring a little Hollywood to Florida. Keep up the great work. My hair and I appreciate you!”

-Carlotta J.​

“Darlene has been my stylist for several years. She is such a fantastic person ...her personality comes through in her work. In this ecconomy it is difficult to pamper ones self but I have no regrets so long as Darlene is in charge of my Beauty Therapy!”

 -D. Northrop




"This was my first visit to this salon and it was a fabulous experience! I recently relocated here for work and as a natural in SLC I've been looking for some familiar with my particular hair texture. My stylist was Darlene and she was great! I'm definitively coming back :)"

                                                                                                                                                                            -Brandi M.​





Collegue Testimonials




"Not to be dramatic but Darlene changed my life. I went to her to get my hair dyed pink for breast cancer awareness month—fully intending to go back to my usual brown. But she did such an AMAZING job, I can't imagine being anything but a pinkhead. The cut is so cute and versatile. It takes me no time to get ready. I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on it every day—even from random strangers. Besides her talents, Darlene is a sweetheart. She's so positive and fun. I wish I were rich so I could hire her as my personal stylist. :)"      
                                                                                                                                                                  -Kerry Speckman, "The Specktator"



“Darlene is an extremely talented woman with an eye for detail and creativity. We have worked together on photo shoots and personal styling, and she is has some remarkable skills. Her hair designs and ideas are some of the best I've seen in the industry. She takes her time, and listens to what her clients want, and does everything she can to do her very best work.... always! I was immediately impressed with Darlene's artistry while she was working in strong winds at an outdoor photo shoot, and her design came out flawless. She is one incredible woman, with true artistic talent, and a passion and appreciation for the fashion world."          



                                                                                                                        -Beth Sullivan, Sei Bella Image Consulting






"Darlene is a pleasure to work with! She is professional, creative, personable, and talented. You are in great hands if you hire her."

                                                                                                                                 -Kimtasha - Pro Make-Up Artist




"I'm not a client but Darlene is a GREAT Stylist.  My Wonderful Daughter Jennifer flew into Jacksonville International Airport so I had to take her to see Award Winning Hair Stylist Darlene Smith."


                                                                                                                                        -Tyrone Reid, CEO of Cool Cap Inc




"As a professional photographer it is important to have great talent on the team to produce great images. Darlene's work was amazing and beautiful and received many compliments. Would definitely work with her again!"

                                                                                                                                        -Leighton DaCosta, Photographer





"Darlene worked for me in customer service. She was very dependable and knowledgeable. But must of all, she was unrivaled in her people skills. I would certainly hire her again without hesitation."


                                                              -Jason Eliopulos, General Manager, Professional Salon Services of Florida